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FDC’s Impact at the European Space Week 2023: A Recap

The European Space Week 2023 held in Sevilla on 7-9 November gathered over 1200 participants, including key stakeholders from across the EU space sector, enthusiastic users, academics, and enterprising minds, to discuss the EU Space Programme’s diverse developments.

FDC, a founding member of Space Y, played an integral role in orchestrating and executing the event, leaving its mark through various endeavours.

EU Space Support Office (EUSSO)

In a significant milestone, in September 2023 FDC secured an EC-funded contract for operating the EU Space Support Office (EUSSO), succeeding the Copernicus Support Office (CSO).

During the EU Space Week, FDC and its partners welcomed visitors at the European Commission stand, exchanging with them on the available entry points to the EU Space Programme and providing information on the different ways in which stakeholders can interact with the EC and among them to favour the uptake of space-based services.

EU Space User Consultation Platform (UCP)

FDC also provided technical and business support to the eight sessions of the EU Space User Consultation Platform, organised by the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) and the European Commission and gathering users of the EU Space Programme from various market segments to discuss their needs and requirements.

FDC led the organisation of three sessions on space, environment-climate and biodiversity, and resilient societies, and contributed to the sessions on public transport, and on space surveillance and tracking – SST.

These sessions enabled stakeholders using EU Space components to share experiences, provide invaluable insights, and chart the future course of the programme. Discussions touched upon real-world applications, like the potential of Galileo and EGNOS in supporting connected and automated vehicles, as highlighted by Ana Luz Jiménez from Spain’s Directorate-General for Traffic.


The EUSW 2023 was also the place to talk about skills, diversity and inclusion in the EU Space sector. As a member of the consortium implementing the EC-funded ASTRAIOS project (Analysis of Skills, Training, Research and Innovation Opportunities in Space), FDC contributed to a roundtable discussion dedicated to the theme of “EU Space for Skills and Inclusion”.

The panel brought together figures from diverse EU organisations, academia, industries, and associations to engage in a focused dialogue on fostering skills development, promoting equality, and enhancing inclusion within the EU space sector.

Part of the FDC team in Sevilla.

The EUSW 2023 offered a glimpse into the dynamic evolution of the European space sector, emphasizing user-centric advancements, strategic security, and the expanding influence of space technology in shaping Europe’s future.

FDC’s resounding contributions to the European Space Week 2023 echoed its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the transformative potential of the EU Space Programme.


The EU Space Week 2023 was jointly organised by the European Commission, EUSPA, and the Spanish Presidency of the EU Council.

For more  information about the event and its programme, visit: