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The latest version of the Galileo Open Service Definition Document (OS SDD) is out!

The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) and the European Commission launched a new version of the Galileo Open Service Definition Document (OS SDD).

The new document is a step towards the Galileo Open Service Full Operational Capability (FOC). It reflects upgrades in the Galileo system and service since the publication of the previous version in November 2021, including improvements of the Open Service, and accounting for the current constellation of operational satellites and updates in the ground infrastructure that increase its robustness.

The latest version, 1.3, can be found on the GSC web portal.

As in previous versions, the main information in the SDD includes:

  • Service terms and conditions of use.
  • Service characteristics (scope, general concepts, assumptions, reference systems).
  • Service performance (Minimum Performance Levels and their associated conditions and constraints).
  • Annexes (providing further details on the parameters, expected performance evolutions, additional metrics and the description of NAGUs)

Users are invited to download and read the updated “Galileo Open Service Definition Document (SDD)” to discover the improvements of the Open Service and learn about its main characteristics and performance.

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