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SpaceSUITE project: Space Y supports the development of skills for the downstream space sector

Space Y is a supporting partner of the large-scale SpaceSUITE project (SPACE downstream Skills development and User uptake through Innovative curricula in Training and Education).

To be kick-started in Genova (Italy) on 1-2 February 2024, SpaceSUITE will foster the development of skills in the fields of Earth Observation and Geo-information, Positioning Navigation and Timing, and Satellite Communication.

Capitalising on the achievements of the previous Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance project EO4GEO (2018-2022), SpaceSUITE will create tailored educational programs for various roles, from technicians to decision-makers, fostering advanced skills in the aerospace and defence sector.

The project is funded under the Erasmus+ Alliances for Innovation LOT 2 – Alliances for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills (implementing the Blueprint) for a duration of 4 years. It is led by GISIG and involves 25 full partners from different European countries, including academia, vocational and education providers, governmental associations, and industry representatives.

Space Y’s support to the project signifies our commitment to enhance innovation and competitiveness of the European space downstream industry. Space Y will engage its members to provide feedback useful to identify the skills needed and to enable continuous learning in the sector.

More information will follow after the official kick-off meeting of the project in February.