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Galileo Services meets with the European Commission about the European Space Strategy

On 27 October 2015, the European Commission adopted its 2016 Work Programme, which includes the release of “A Space Strategy for Europe”. This strategy is described as follows:

“The Strategy will coordinate the different strands of EU space activities, including a roadmap for concrete actions enabling targeted sectorial applications and further developing the EU space programmes to benefit the economy, public authorities and society as a whole”.

This important achievement has been strongly supported by a Galileo Services communications campaign linked to the publication of the position paper Europe Must Succeed in the Global Navigation Race.

The European Commission has launched a wide consultation process to prepare this strategy. Galileo Services – as the representative of European GNSS downstream industry – and its Members have been identified by the European Commission as key partners in this consultation process.

In this context, Galileo Services met key representatives from the Directorate J “EU Satellite Navigation Programmes” (EC DG-GROW) on February 16, 2016 to discuss specific actions that must be contemplated in the Space Strategy – the objective being to maximise the benefits of the European GNSS programmes for the European economy and citizens.